• Would you like more
    hours in the day?

    If you had the opportunity to organise your business so that you could step back and deal with the big issues, knowing that everything is under control, would you take it?

    Work on the business not in it. Find out how

  • Are you making the most of
    your business opportunities?

    If you could be sure that all your sales opportunities were being followed through to completion would you make more money? Effective sales pipeline management is crucial to revenue generation.

    Realise your full business potential. Find out how

  • Do you have the information
    behind the numbers?

    If you had all your business information in one place and could rely on it, would you make better, quicker decisions? If you knew what made up the numbers but could delve deeper at the touch of a button would you have the confidence to change and improve your business?

    With understanding comes profit. Find out how

  • Would it help if you could
    do more with less?

    Does all your software work together? Do you rely on complex spreadsheets? If people are entering the same data into multiple systems then your business is not using time effectively and you are open to simple human error.

    Efficiency and effectiveness together will improve your business. Find out how

  • Does every part of your business work
    if you're not involved?

    If you could be sure that all your people were following the same process in your business could you take your hands off every now and then? You can control the procedure for each working process in your business. People will be more efficient and your service will be more consistent.

    Run your business how you want to. Find out how

  • Would You Like To
    Do Business On The Internet?

    Take the easy route to moving your business online. Cocentric comes with a fully integrated and completely configurable online store.

    Take your business global Find out how

A new kind of software for your business

Cocentric removes the price barrier for excellent software

For a long time larger companies have been using software in their businesses to make more profit.

Cocentric brings that kind of power to every business. For a few tens of pounds a month instead of many thousands, you can have a system that does what you need, the way you want it to.

Increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability and get ahead of your competition no matter what their size or how much they spend on intelligent software systems.

Cocentric is total business management software

Almost every aspect of your business in one place. Manage customers, suppliers, staff, sales
and purchasing. Track your marketing campaigns, manage your sales funnel, measure your
profitability on each job.

With Cocentric you benefit immediately

You don't have to take on everything all at once. Tackle one issue in your business to get immediate benefit, and know that Cocentric has hundreds of other features just waiting for you to take advantage of.

Routine tasks become simpler with Cocentric

A fully integrated software package to help you organise your business and make more profit.

Cocentric Features >

Do more with less

To thrive in an economy that has to recover, you'll need to be able to make the most of your resources.

Whether you are a start-up or a small business with only a few staff, or you’re part of a larger company that needs to be organised and efficient; Cocentric is right for you.

Work with the software immediately, or make the software fit your business with fully customisable processes and reports.

Find out what Cocentric is >


Cocentric is constantly evolving. Because Cocentric is a hosted service, new and improved features will be available at no additional charge to all users.

You can check what features are coming and when you can expect to see them.

Cocentric Release Schedule >

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